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  • GTR-20



  • Combo Transmitter
    -RF Frequency :2.457 GHz
    -RF Channel :57
    -Channel Type :0x10
    -Transmission Type: 0x10
    -Device Type :121 (0x79)
    -Device Number :1- 65535*65535
    -Message Period :8086 (~4.05Hz)
    -RF Power :-5 dB
    -Modulation Type :GFSK
    -Transmission Distance :2 meter

    Battery Type :CR2032 * 1
    -Operating Voltage :2.2V -3.6V
    -Operating Temperature :0℃-50℃
    -Storage Temperature :-10℃-60℃
    -Standby Current Consumption :10 uA
    -Operating Current Consumption :330 uA (Average Current Consumption)
    -Battery Life :10 months (Operating 1 hour per day)
    -Signal Detect :Magnet and Reed Switch

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