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  • CB-001



    • Product Description

    • High sensitivity
    • Soft belt fibres
    • The Ela Part provides comfort, as it almost
      Entirely made of soft, pleasant Material. Thanks to its
      Side hook closure it makes it easy to put on. The perfect solution,
      to measure your heart rate.
  • Length of the strap    980m± 20mm
    Width of strap    30mm± 1mm
    Distance between snaps from center to center    45.5mm± 0.5mm
    Length of sensor module    265mm    ± 2mm
    Length of sensor    65mm    ± 2mm
    Length of center textile    130mm    ± 2mm
    Distance from edge of sensor module to loop end    36mm    ± 5mm
    Length of loop    13mm    ± 1mm
    Length of sensor module    60.89mm    ± 0.1mm
    Width of sensor module    34.59mm    ±0.1 mm
    Thickness of sensor module    12.2mm    +0.3mm/-0.1mm

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